Thursday, June 6, 2013

CIE Workshop Activity: Reading and Annotating, Discussing, Writing Analytically.

One important way to learn is to go through the experience that I have found works when reading an e-book using the Kindle devices and apps.

Here are the rough steps:

1.  Download and read a text independently on your Kindle device, ideally, or perhaps on an iPad or phone.

2.  Customize the reading experience.  Change the font style, size, and color.  Adjust the margin width, or even the orientation.  Try a bunch of different settings until you get comfortable.

3.  Practice active reading on that device.  Touch and hold a word to look up its definition.  Highlight  word or phrase and translate it or look it up on wikipedia.  Highlight, make notes, and then share those on social networks (Facebook and Twitter and the only ones supported right now.)

4.  Convene as a class.  Use your Kindle for PC or Mac app to discuss the text.  The "teacher" (me) will check your notes and marks.  You will use your notes and marks to propel the discussion and provide evidence to back up your points.

5.  The teacher will project the text onto the board and use it to project the text the class is discussing.

6.  Students and teacher will practice navigating through the e-book.  The page number can be used, or a specific word or phrase can be searched and then the resulting link(s) can be used to locate that place in the text.

7.  Miscelaneous things: Use the search function to search for multiple occurrences of a word or phrase.  Play with the X-Ray feature on the Kindle device.

8.  Write analysis on an ebook by using your notes and marks and searching the text for relevant evidence to support your argument.  Highlight, copy and paste the quote you would like to use into your outline or writing.  Cite the page number, if it is available on the ebook you are reading, and add an entry to your Works Cited.  The MLA style should look like this:

Author Lastname, Author Firstname. Title of Book. Place of Publication: Publisher, Year of Publication. Kindle AZW file.

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