Wednesday, May 1, 2013

An article about a new Paperwhite user

I am on a roll today, I know.  Since I can't get off the couch (strep throat), I am blogging to keep the cabin fever at bay.

I read a great article today from Telereads about an avid e-book reader who finally broke down and bought a Kindle Paperwhite.  He does a good job of describing why I read almost entirely from my KindleTouch, and only use my phone and PC apps while I am teaching.

This isn't news to anyone who has a Kindle, but it may be new to those of you who are new to e-readers.

The biggest thing is E ink.  The Kindle does not glow*.  It is not like a tablet or a phone.  You can see your phone screen in the dark.  You cannot see a Kindle** in the dark.  The Kindle screen is made up of tiny balls of magnetic ink that are oriented to display the page.  Think of it like a fancy etch-a-sketch.  Here is a video that looks like it walked out of a 90's science class:

I will tell you that I address the "If students read an e-book they will get headaches and eye strain" argument at least once a week. 

Hear ye, hear ye.  If the student is reading on an Eink device, they will NOT get eye strain. 

*The Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle's only touch sensitive device, has a light built in that can be turned on or off.  It is basically a fine mesh of lights, from what I understand, that is spread across the screen. 

**If you read with the Paperwhite's light turned on, you will have light and you can read in the dark.  In that case, you may experience some eye strain, although it is not a glowing LED screen, so it may not be as severe. 

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