Thursday, April 11, 2013

TAIS Tech Conference 2013

Here are my conference notes for those of you interested in skipping the paper!

TAIS Tech Conference 2013
“Kindles in the Classroom”
Meg Griswold
Upper School English Teacher
Harpeth Hall School

·         Kindle Device and Kindle for PC or Mac app: Two elements working together
o   Kindle device at home
o   Reading App in class
·         Active Reading
o   Highlight
o   Make notes
·         Money
o   Price comparison (on Amazon, as of 8 am this morning)

Fahrenheit 451
The Secret Life of Bees
$11.97 or $13.72
The House on Mango Street
The Kite Runner
Jane Eyre
A Separate Peace

o   Public Domain (Free ebooks Project Gutenberg 
·         From the teacher’s perspective:
o   Projecting text onto a screen or board
o   Close readings
o   Assessing and monitoring student active reading
·         The next frontier
o   Social media: tweeting notes and marks
o   “Following” a reader’s notes and marks
o   Whispercast

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