Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Graphic on technology in the classroom

Allison Morris at contacted me to share an infographic she created about technology in the classroom.  I love it!  I must admit, though, that she is preaching to the choir.  Still, my favorite part is the section titled "Teachers use more and more tech...Does it help?"  I went to the source for the information in this section (link to the PBS survey) and the results showed that teachers feel that, 

"technology enables them to reinforce and expand on content (74%), to motivate students to learn (74%), and to respond to a variety of learning styles (73%)."
This is the most pressing issue for me.  It is not just that I want to be "cool" or use technology for its own sake.  I want to use it in the classroom to expand on content, motivate students and address a variety of learning styles.  

Why do you use technology in the classroom?  What from this graphic resonates with you?

Created by What do we Know Infographic

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