Friday, February 22, 2013

From a student's perspective

I am going to start a series of posts that highlight the e-book experience from a student's perspective.  I have already made a video interview with Ellie, but I asked some of my other Kindle students to chime in to the discussion.  

Below is what my student Anne wrote about using e-books.

Hi Mrs Griswold, 
I have had my kindle touch for about a year and a half now. At any given time, you can see at least 5 library ebooks on it, not counting the ones I've actually purchased. Kindles are convenient, and extremely easy to use: with a touch of a finger you can turn pages, highlight, and make notes. It's basically digital active reading. Also, though I'm not a member of an official green or environmental club, I feel as if the paperless aspect of kindles is a great way to be eco friendly. The kindle is very portable, and very practical. I for one hate the burden of carrying around several pounds of text books throughout the Harpeth Hall Campus, and I often forget books I might need for a class. If for some reason I ever want to read something but have forgotten my kindle, all I have to do is open the kindle app on my computer and I can continue reading from there. As I understand it, a kindle app for phones was recently created as well, making the kindle program one of the most accessible ones out there. I believe that use of the kindle application whether on an actual kindle or on the computer app would be both efficient and beneficial in a class room setting. I know that students who might choose to use a kindle or kindle program in class would do so responsibly, and I don't think that students would be using prohibited internet sites during class. Kindles don't require any internet server connection, so If anything one could always ask students to flip the little green switch on the side of their computer off, and thus there would be no way to access the internet. Needless to say, I am very excited about the potential use of kindles next year. 
Thanks, Anne

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