Monday, February 25, 2013

Another student's perspective

Another one of my students has offered her take on using e-books:

I enjoy reading on the Kindle because it allows me to highlight and write notes efficiently, in such a way that I can easily find them when I need them. In addition, the search button makes it easier to find a key phrase rather than flipping through all the pages. This, in the long run, saves a lot of time, especially when it's time to write papers. Kindle pages do not yellow over time and do not require real paper, thus reducing paper consumption. Overall, if it was an option to use my kindle for reading next year, I would definitely take that opportunity. 

1 comment:

  1. I am really appreciative that you are posting students' perspectives. Too often, we make decisions about technology in the classroom based on adults' opinions and viewpoints. You're encouraging student voice, which is important.

    Last year, I was not a big proponent of the Kindle to help students write analytical essays. But you have definitely changed my mind. It's true that the evidence-gathering and -choosing phase is probably the hardest part of writing an essay, and you've really given students a better way to organize their thoughts. Thank you!