Friday, January 18, 2013

Beginning to play with Whispercast

I had a free moment so I decided to test the waters of Whispercast.   If you don't know, this is the new Kindle management system for schools and businesses.  You can send content to a large group of users from one central place.  Company or school owned Kindles can be managed (settings, security, content, etc.) from Whispercast.

I had only been playing around for a few minutes when I started recording (the videos are below), because I wanted you to see what I discovered as I discovered it.

Here are the highlights:

-You can create an invitation URL that can be shared with students so that they can choose to join my class account for Whispercast.  This is the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) option for a school or organization that did not purchase or does not own the Kindles that are being used.  This is what I am dealing with because students are bringing their own devices.  If you or your organization purchased the Kindles, then you can just add the devices from the order history when you purchased them.

-You can create user groups so that you can send different content to different users.

-You can send wi fi settings out to all the Kindles on your user list through Whispercast. That way a student never sees network passwords, and I don't have to walk them all through these settings.  (Sigh of relief.)

-If your organization owns the Kindles, you can create "policies" that will let you control usage and content.  You can designate these policies to apply to whichever devices you want.

-You can send books, apps or all sorts of document formats.

-I sent two public domain books and my course syllabus to my one user (me) and it worked fine on my Kindle, but only the books showed up on the App.  Why?  I don't know.  I am going to contact the Whispercast customer service to find out.

Here is the video of me playing around!

Here is what it looks like on a Kindle when the Whispercasted (is that a verb now?) books and document appear.

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