Monday, September 24, 2012

Off we go!

We are comfortably into the school year now, and it is time to check in with my Kindle classroom.

On the first day of class, I was so happy to see that 3 students had done their summer reading on their Kindles!  I love that it is becoming a part of our culture to use an e-reader.  Some students confidently entered on the first day with their Kindles and some were excited to learn that using Kindles they already owned was an option.

One particular student, Ellie, is very computer savvy, and has been seamlessly using her Kindle and Kindle for PC app in class.  She does most of her reading on her Kindle, but uses the app on her laptop in class to easily search the text, make highlights and write comments as we discuss the text.

I have some students with Kindles who are unfamiliar with the Kindle for PC app, so I have created a screencast to highlight some of the main features.  You can watch that below.

I am going to profile and interview Ellie for an upcoming post so you can hear about using a Kindle in the English classroom from a real student!

How to download the app: (HH students: you probably already have it on your laptop.  Check before you download.)

How to use the app:

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  1. Very neat! I really like that you're highlighting the possibility of using Kindle for PC. The Kindle Cloud Reader, although not as powerful, is also a possibility. Do you have a 1:1 environment at your school? I'm really looking forward to learning more about your Kindle journey. I'm trying to do something similar.