Friday, July 6, 2012

Fontacular, Fontacular!

I stumbled upon a great poem about the Kindle and its font options, I thought I would share it:

This poem was written by Bufo Calvin can be read in its entirety on the I Love My Kindle blog.  The excerpt below was used with permission.

Whatever happened to reading a book?

The font’s a bit boring, I think that I’ll change it
This menu right here will let me rearrange it
I’ll make it much bigger, no, smaller, no darker
I won’t need my glasses: take that, Dorothy Parker!
Wow, this is such fun: I feel like the Sheriff!
Curlicues out of town! I’ll go with sans serif!
Mwah hah hah! Now I’ll switch it and put white on black!
All you layout artists are under attack!
I’ll do it my way, I don’t care what you want!
I’m finally freed from the force of the font!

One of my first pitches to people in favor of the Kindle, is the control you have to change the font.  As a teacher, I often bemoan the tiny font, minuscule margins and cramped lines of many trade and mass market paperbacks.  Tiny font and crammed pages tends to start students off on the wrong foot and make the reading feel like a chore.  Personally, I hate it when I am at the gym and I can't read the book I am obsessed with as I bounce along on the treadmill or elliptical machine.  

Enter the Kindle!  On my touch I can pinch or spread the screen with my thumb and index finger to make the font bigger or smaller.  I can make the line spacing larger or smaller and choose margin size.  I can also change from a serif to a sans-serif font.  The white on black that Bufo Calvin mentions in the poem is an option you have when reading on the Kindle for PC app.  

Watch me demonstrate in this video below!

If you want to see written directions, you can follow this link to read Amazon's instructions on changing font and spacing.  

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