Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Active Reading and Sharing on Social Media on the Kindle

Active reading is a top priority in my classroom, and in the classrooms of most English teachers. One common question I get is, how can students actively read on the Kindle?  In the first video I will show you how you can highlight and make a note while you read, and also share it to Twitter.  (I am on vacation in Topsail Beach, North Carolina right now, and that's the ocean you hear in the background.)

In the second video, see what that note looks like on a Twitter feed.

My vision for the coming year is to highlight and make notes on passages that I want students to pay close attention to.  I think it would be cool to highlight a passage we will be discussing in the next lesson and in the note I can pose a thought-provoking question.  Students can then preview the passages and topics that will be discussed in the upcoming class.  For example, I might highlight a particular literary device or narrative technique that we are currently studying.  I could also highlight a symbol and my note could challenge students to consider a deeper significance to the passage.

If I have any students using Kindles, I would love to have them share their notes.  Other students and I can follow those notes and gauge the reaction to the night's reading.  I think of it as a way to get the discussion started before class even begins.

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